Life-style Transforming Ability – You Have to Have Them!

Certainly, one of the primary things that you can see within the “want to be an entrepreneur realm” is each person would like to become this or that, but they don’t possess the necessary skills to accomplish what they need to carry out.

Kinda like the person that would want to become a builder wouldn’t merely be one just by working at lumber factory. He needs to develop the abilities to demonstrate that he has indeed furthered his skills to become a builder.
The woman who would like to be a CPA can indeed call her self an accountant but, is she if she has only learned half of the job of an Accountant? She has to learn all the necessary skills and grow to be an Accountant.
I can continue on and on, but my objective is to point out that if you don’t possess the skills to perform what you need as an online marketer you’ll certainly never become successful. so, it’s Extremely critical for you to begin to build all of your skills.
Throughout my experience with Internet Marketing; the skills that I find important to learn and continue to develop my business are:
Having the skills teach others.
Having the skills to create or find products in which educate others.
I definitely didn’t learn that right away and I am still trying to learn new techniques to help myself and others all the time.
And indeed there are far more than those 2 I listed above, but I just wanted to give you an example of the ideas and skills that I personally prefer for my own business.
Of course many of you might say, ” I will simply outsource the things that I need.”
While I do recommend outsourcing some things it is still very important to consistently build your skills in the areas that you don’t outsource. And when you do decide to outsource. DO YOUR HOMEWORK…..Please! There are many places to search for specialist but you have to read reviews and interview the person you intend to hire with questions that you have prepared for them. Being to anxious to get things rolling I have hired the wrong person a few times. I will dive more into those stories another time.
Back to Skill building!
If you’ve determined what type of entrepreneur you would like to become, and you are lost at the best place to start and which road to take to get there, then the greatest problem is most likely brushing up on your skills.
So, here is where you start.
Get a piece of paper and find a pen, or just use your word processor. At the very top of the page jot down what type of online marketer you would like to be. If you’re presently marketing and you are not experiencing results then put on paper what abilities you believe you might need that will help you experience results.
For example, if someone wanted to become an affiliate marketer the would need to focus on:
1. Niche research
2. Product research
If you have not perfected at least 80% off the necessary skills that you need, you’re likely to be unsuccessful!

Index Card System

So, rather than purchasing the very next/newest supreme e-book, video tutorial series, or  software program, commit to your education that will enable you to command the relevant skills you will need to develop into a profitable entrepreneur.
That’s all there is to it… When you don’t understand how to do things, go learn how to do so, so you’re able to earn money with it!
Hopefully, the things that I’ve just explained absolutely resonates with you, and renders you straight back to being focused on what you desire to accomplish, so that you can be a success!
An additional word of advice here…
Do you have an idea of a skill that you want to master? Find at least 3 people who have mastered that skill, write down some questions and then  interview them so you can pick their brain. As you’re learning from these experts you could also take their interviews, and create a product about that skill. More than likely there will be others interested in learning that skill as well. You could take that skill that you learned and turn in into a product. You would be generating income while developing your skills.
Well, I really hope that this has improved your understanding of why you’re struggling in becoming that winning entrepreneur you are entitled to be. So now, make your list of the skills you need, and discover ways to MASTER all of them!

Learn how from Jeremy Schoemaker…Internet marketing success!

Many of you have heard of Jeremy Schoemaker.
He is nothing short of an expert in the internet marketing industry and he has just launched another product. This man has an amazing story. In order to create success online you don’t have to ask the experts…….you follow them. I’m not talking about just on Twitter either. You learn exactly what steps they took to create their online business and model your business the same way. [Continue reading]

Jeremy shares some of his online story as he’s introducing his new product called the Shoe-In-Money System.

Before I dive into the Shoe in money real review, here is a little information on Jeremy.

Jeremy Schoemaker has been making a money online for well over 10 years and is one of the top marketers in the industry.

In 2003 he got a call from Google to try out their “Google Adsense” product. In a month’s time he made more money than he had in his entire life.

He then went on to build a multi-million dollar website. Everything he learned along the way he shared for free.

Founder of ShoeMoney Media Group, Jeremy recently published his autobiography which took him 3 years to complete.

You can learn more about him online. Now lets take a look at his latest.
In this shoe in money real review you will learn that this system is indeed an all-inclusive authority to Internet marketing. Its contents include multiple videos, real-life case studies, a complete PDF guide and testimonials.

This system shows users how to build a site from scratch, make money through email, efficiently generate large amounts of traffic and create multiple streams of passive income.

In addition, it reveals how to earn an income through Facebook, Twitter and more…

Click here to try Shoe-in-Money risk Free

Shoe-In-Money Modules:

Module 1:

You will learn the secrets to building your fully automated online empire.
You will learn how super affiliates run their business without owning a website or product.

Module 2:

This module you will be taught affiliate marketing tactics. The second module of Shoe-In-Money System, you will learn how to sell other people’s products and profit immediately.

– What Can You Promote?
– Clickbank 101
– Choosing the Right Product to Promote on Clickbank
– How People Make Money as Affiliates?

Module 3:

This module will teach you how to create your persona and teaches you how to connect with your target audience.

– Creating a Persona: Who are You?
– Creating a Persona: What’s Your Niche?
– Choose Your Vehicle
– Create a Powerful Message

Module 4:

This module teaches you to use social media to your benefits and building strong relationships.

– Relationship Building Online
– Social Tools of the Trade
– Getting Started on Facebook
– Advertising on Facebook

Module 5:

In this module you will learn how to persuade your audience to believe in something that you want them to believe.

– The Three P’s of Persuasion
– How to Use Pain to Persuade?
– Show Them the Potential
– Prove It
– Copy writing Tips and Techniques

Module 6:

This module will teach you the basics of WordPress, help you tweak it for your advantage and getting much better deals from advertisers.

– WordPress Basics
– tweaking WordPress to Your Needs
– Content Shortcuts
– Getting Better Deals with Advertisers
– Compliance and Legal Issues

Module 7:

The last module of Shoe-In-Money System will teach you how to do marketing and drive traffic. You will learn about almost all the methods used to drive traffic. You can complement this with the tactics you’ve learned with There are some newer tactics here and plenty from that weren’t covered.

– Inbound Marketing – Going Organic
– Blog Posts
– Webinars and Video Posts
– Ads and Review
– Facebook and Twitter
– White Papers
– Free eBooks and Reports
– Consultation
– Comments and Forums
– Search Engine Optimization
– Paid Traffic – Warning and Opportunities
– Creative Sources of Traffic
The Shoe-In-Money System Review – 30 Day Action Plan

After completing the 7 modules of the Shoe-In-Money System, you will now have to implement the 30-day Action Plan. In this Action plan, Jeremy has a checklist that will help you achieve maximum results.

Day 1 : Find Your Focus
Day 2 : Target a Product
Day 3 : Persona Crafting
Day 4 : What’s Your Vehicle?
Day 5 : What’s Your Message?
Day 6 : Populate Your Online Presence
Day 7 : Build a Blog
Day 8 : Install WordPress and Create your First Site
Day 9 : Research Competitors
Day 10 : Create your Email List
Day 11 : Content Time
Day 12 : Populate Your List
Day 13 : Create a Facebook/Twitter Plan
Day 14 : Find the Pain
Day 15 : Write a Pitch
Day 16 : Populate Your Site
Day 17 : Reach Out to Other Marketers
Day 18 : Network, Network, Network
Day 19 : Identify a Unique Advantage and EXPLOIT It
Day 20 : Monetize!
Day 21 : SEO in a Day
Day 22 : Guest Posts
Day 23 : 10 Other Content Marketing Tactics
Day 24 : Is It Time to Spend Money?
Day 25 : Blitzing the Social Scene
Day 26 : Turning Up the Heat on Media and PR
Day 27 : Measuring Success in 1 Month
Day 28 : Creating a Second Site
Day 29 : Connecting Your Sites
Day 30 : Month 1 Down – Time to Replicate!

For the reasons stated above and the guarantee, the Shoe-in-Money system is a no-brainer. If you are starting an internet business or are looking for a solution to the this fading economy, this is highly recommended.

Liz Tomey – Always over delivering and literally forcing you to succeed!

Liz Tomey, and a few other marketers that create PLR(Private Label Rights) products or digital self help products, got my attention when I was jumping from one opportunity/company to the next. I wasn’t exactly displeased with helping others and myself generating some extra cash. It was more of a concern about putting time and effort into something that you believe and trusted in, that may or may not be around in the years to come, like most multi-level marketing companies.  I believe a few years ago the average life span of any mlm company was  something like 7 years. Some last even a lot less than that. [Continue reading]

Needless to say, I felt the need to build a business that wouldn’t be going anywhere.  A business that puts time and effort into “you” rather a company whose name will overshadow you. God forbid, If I were to turn up missing or if I get run over by a bus, the people that I’ve helped to start making money online have a great investment in themselves and now they know exactly what to do and they will continue to make money after I am gone. If you are under the umbrella of mlm then you may find yourself leaving your team looking and possibly yourself looking to start from scratch marketing  yet another company instead of marketing you!

So,  Liz taught me the ropes of PLR (private label rights) products and how to create your own products. In this business model you pick the product, review it, and ask if it was something that would help you if you were just starting out. If it is. Then you make it better by adding value and provide it to others.

She assisted me in developing Guru Traffic Now which is basically her product with much added value for the same price. I might add that the original price when Liz created it was insanely low to begin with. She does that often and the value of her products are off the charts to say the least. That is why I know, you can’t go wrong with an expert marketer such as Liz Tomey.

Liz Tomey got her start in the business world in 1998 at the age of only 19. Her first business was a direct mail/mail order business where she provided 1000′s of clients with her unique advertising methods that got them the leads and sales they needed.

She had over 400 offline affiliates who promoted her advertising services for a commission, and she filled the orders for them. Much like what affiliate marketers do online, but she was doing it offline before affiliate marketing was even very well known!

In 2004 with the rising costs of doing business offline, she took her marketing knowledge and moved her business online.

Instead of selling advertising, she started putting all of her marketing knowledge into products, and began selling those products. Using the same model that worked offline, she decided to create an affiliate program and have other people selling her products for a commission.

This model has worked since 1998 and currently it’s the same model she’s using to run your million dollar business! Liz Tomey and Jeff Dedrick both explain in detail and teach others how to duplicate their exact steps in building their online empires with products like the ones listed below. Liz is animate in helping others succeed and she always over delivers on all of her content. I haven’t seen anyone offer as much as she does. See for yourself:

One of my favorite Liz Tomey products is one the one that I added even more value to that makes it a must have…….Guru Traffic Now.

Check it out for free with this free special report and 4-Week Mini-Workshop.

Free Report +

A Free 4-Week Mini-Workshop!

Start getting more visitors to your Web site TODAY!

Interesting Image

Inspired by Guru Traffic Now.


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PageOne Curator: Blogs Made Easy

I learned about PageOne Curator through a team member, who in turn heard about it through a client of hers. This client was SO enthusiastic about PageOne he whipped out his laptop in the middle of lunch to show it to her. [Continue reading]

“This is phenomenal,” he said. “I post in about half the time and my posts are so much better than they were before.”

So she tried it and Loved it!

Content can make or break your Web site. PageOne Curator makes content creation easy, by allowing you to find and curate interesting content that your site visitors WANT to read. It also has a keyword finder. So you can discover what people are actually searching for and write keyword-sensitive posts that search engines are more likely to find. SEO optimize and publish to your blog from anywhere. Just open PageOne Curator and you are ready to create.

Interesting? It is! Check it out.

Find and Curate Interesting Content

Search for fresh and exciting articles from Google blog search, News search, Twitter or your even your own feeds. When you have found a good new source of content you can either use it immediately, or save it in your own collection.

Create Posts That People Want To Read

Integrate stunning images from Flickr or videos from YouTube to add drama to your posts.

Understand What People Are Actually Searching For

Explore and expand suggested keywords directly from the Google and Amazon using the built in keyword explorer tool.

Create & Even Re-edit your Posts From Your Desktop

Create your post locally using a powerful integrated editor with advanced formatting and preview functionality.

Remote Control Your Blogs

Publish directly to your blog empire all from within the app. You can even schedule or backdate posts, use the blog’s categories and use the homepage only feature (sticky post).

SEO Optimize Your Posts

Automatically insert your keyword into the title, together with additional long tail keywords, and write your optimized meta description snippet to enable you to get found and attract more visitors to your site.

Follow The Code

Curate content responsibly by automatically inserting the correct attribution links to the source articles correctly recognising the authors. Inserting images that are licensed under the creative commons licensing model.

Insert Images From Your Desktop

Upload and insert images from your own collection on your hard disk either from you stock or your own photography.

Cross Platform Support

PageOneCurator runs on Mac (MacOs 10.6, 10.7) and on Windows XP, Windows7. WordPress self hosted software supported. Blogs must support xml-rpc.

Support and Forum included

Online help desk staffed by real people are there to help you deal with any issue with the software. Combined with the forum will empower you stay productive all the time.

Infusionsoft: Complete CRM

When I first started my marketing automation was not well organized to say the least. I had a different system for every function. I had a separate program for email marketing, another program for my shopping cart. I wasn’t aware that there was a turnkey affiliate solution that would seamlessly manage my referral program. I was literally shocked when I was told about Infusionsoft!

When I saw the actual system at work; my marketing processes were changed forever.

Infusionsoft is the leading marketing automation software for small businesses that is growing fast using automated and personalized marketing on the internet. Designed for a new breed of small businesses that have outgrown basic email autoresponder or contact management systems, Infusionsoft is powerful web-based software that combines marketing automation with CRM, email marketing and ecommerce into one system that small businesses don’t have to manually stitch together. More than 6,500 small businesses use Infusionsoft to convert more leads, grow sales and save time without adding staff.  Take a look for your self. You’ll be blown away!

Customer Relationship Management Technology

Customer Relationship Management Technology
In today’s technologically driven world, being able to interact with customers and foster customer relationships is absolutely essential. However, many small business owners are struggling to manage these systems for several reasons. Most importantly, many of these basic systems that small business owners employ do not connect with each other and require manual follow up and is excessively complicated. As a result, many of these small business owners gained were not able to be followed up upon.
Infusionsoft’s- All- In- One Software allows you to manage all your leads and contacts through one simple system. No longer do you have to manually set these systems in accordance with another, but instead the software’s segmentation campaigns and other tools help you work easily and efficiently without having to micromanaging many systems. You can excel in e-mail marketing by timing scheduled e-mail releases and even physical letters are such. Also one of the most important features of the software is being able to divide your list into subgroups. This can significantly increase your click through rates and conversions which can help you make a ton of money. The Infusionsoft’s All-In-One-Software can also help small businesses organize multichannel marketing. This allows you to send a variety of marketing, such as text messages, direct mail, or even voice recordings to reach your customer through many different types of communication. Finally, the software’s comprehensive reporting tools can help you build a successful list, highlighting the most responsive customers to make your market strategies more easier to manage.

Diane Hansen: Brand Identity

I met Diane Hansen during one of those big lesson moments in my life. Trying to save money and finding a consultant that was inexpensive. I ended up hiring a consultant who vowed they could do everything I needed. “Wow” , I thought. It was music to my ears! However, as the saying goes – if it sounds too good to be true – well you get the picture.

The first time, I reached out to Diane, her client roster was full and she was on vacation. When she returned, I had already hired the other consultant.

“Come back to me if it doesn’t work out,” she said.

Months later, with dollars flying out the window, I contacted Diane again. “I need help.”

The consultant had done something that inexperienced consultants do. They don’t consult. They execute whatever the client says.

“I’m going to tell you, Vernon,” Diane said. “I’m pretty straightforward and I’m not going to hesitate to tell you what you should be doing. Now tell me what you’ve been doing to date and I will see what’s been working and what hasn’t been working.”

To make a long story short, Diane Hansen is the consultant that drove Vernon  in the direction of starting She’s not a Web expert. She’s a brand identity and marketing communications expert who helps business owners discover how to make what they want happen and how they can make more money.

“You have a story here and it’s a good one. There are millions of other entrepreneurs out there just like you. This is your opportunity to help them.”

Now, it’s time for Diane to help you. Start now by claiming her free gift, your Business Identity Builder. This builder offers a taste of the types of questions you should be asking yourself when you are discovering your identity as a business.

If you need help now, contact her via Liveperson. Mention and you’ll receive a free one hour Q&A, recorded specifically for clients who have identity questions.

If the needle isn’t moving on your business, you need to contact Diane.

Diane Hansen has helps businesses identify profitable target markets, expand their product lines, communicate to their audiences and increase bottom-line revenue through her company,Hansen Marketing Communications. She has developed and executed innovative marketing and communications plans for top names in publishing and entertainment, such as: A.H. Belo, FUNimation Entertainment and Konami Digital Entertainment, among others. Hansen is an accomplished writer who has been published nationally, internationally, in print and online. She is also Editor-in-Chief for GETAWAY San Diego and GETAWAY San Francisco magazines. Her diverse client roster includes consumer products, hospitality, entertainment, celebrity/expert personalities, beauty/cosmetics companies, fashion retailers, PR/Marketing/Design agencies, real estate agents, tourism companies, and entrepreneurs in a variety of other business areas. She specializes in entrepreneurs, start ups, and helping businesses define and communicate who they are.

She is the creator of the Discover Your Identity Process, a process that helps businesses discover who they are and who they communicate to so they can make more money . Diane helps them execute their new identity across all platforms via unique integrated marketing plans, creative writing, and design.

Diane’s agency is headquartered in the capitol of Nevada, Carson City, a place known for it’s pioneer roots and venturing spirit. She works with clients across the nation and around the globe.

Loral Langemeier: The Millionaire Maker

When people call Loral Langemeier “The Millionaire Maker,” it’s no joke. During her career she has made hundreds of individual millionaires and thousands of people have jumped to a high six-figure income. The recommendation to include her on came from Diane Hansen, a brand identity marketing expert who worked with Loral.


“Loral knows her stuff,” Diane told us. “I have witnessed first-hand her ability to transform lives. If someone wants it and is willing to do the work, Loral can help.”


Loral Langemeier is a five-time bestselling author. Her latest book, “Yes! Energy: The Equation to Do Less, Make More” topped more than six bestseller lists including Publisher’s Weekly, The New York Times,,, The Wall Street Journal, and the Australian bestseller list.


Her Millionaire Makeover Tour is free to attend. The education from that alone is enough to make anyone a believer. However, it’s her 3 Days to Cash Workshop and her Loral’s Big Table Program that are the jumpstart to a new life for many of her coaching clients. Diane interviewed Loral about her 3 Days to Cash Workshop to give you an insider’s peek into what it’s like to work with Loral and her company Live Out Loud. This interview was previously published in Live Out Loud’s June Newsletter.


Diane: Loral, I observed your last 3 Days to Cash workshop and it was very cool. Some people started out truly afraid of sales. How does your Ask Tell Ask process break people out of their fear of sales?


Loral: Ask Tell Ask brings sales back to what it really is… and that is service. It’s all about discovering someone’s needs and “shutting up” and listening to their needs and what they really want. If you can listen and have a basic conversation about yourself, you can Ask Tell Ask.


Diane: So the purpose of the first Ask, is that to discover needs?


Loral: Yes, but you are doing more than that. You are looking for anchors, things you can come back to later in the conversation when it’s time to Tell.  When you Tell, you are going to want to be very specific about what you do. I teach that in 3 Days to Cash. There’s a number of Dos and Do Nots here that I teach. The core of it to be very intentional in what you are saying.


Diane: So do you just go straight through or do you go back and forth a little? Is it really like a conversation?


Loral: This IS a conversation. You are talking to your customer. You are getting to know them. You are getting to know their needs, goals, dreams, ambitions.  You won’t know how to serve them or what to Tell at all if you don’t Ask and listen closely.


Diane: So what is the third ask,then?


Loral: You have to ask for the cash. As some of the old sales trainers would say, “go for the close.” But it’s more than a close because you are opening up a relationship here. So Ask for the cash and then if there is an objection, you go back to your anchors. Seek understanding. Find common ground. Ask for the cash again and you will get it.


Diane: What would you say to someone who is afraid to Ask for the cash?


Loral: Don’t be. Your business is dead without cash. You need it so you need to ask for it. So get over it and get the money or someone else will. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of people getting cash for what you do. If you don’t ask, if you say hmmmm…. if you decide to work with me or OK I’ll call you later if you decide to do it, that’s not asking. Tell them the price and then tell them the terms. Get the cash and fulfill on your product and service like crazy to keep your customer happy.


Diane: Thank you so much, Loral. I saw so many “A-Ha” moments in that room at 3 Days to Cash.  You could see people “getting it” and then implementing what they learned on the spot. They were using your Ask Tell Ask method and were getting the cash. It was amazing.


If you would like to make new money in three days, guaranteed, you need to get yourself to a 3 Days to Cash Workshop. One family flew in from Boise, ID to Sacramento, CA to do theirs. They walked away with a new business, a revenue model and cash in hand.  As Loral would say, that’s Hot! Hot! Hot!